Expofix Prestige
Expofix Prestige
Expofix Magnetic gerade
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Expofix Magnetic gerade
Expofix Magnetic gerade
Expofix Magnetic gerade
Expofix Magnetic gerade
Expofix Magnetic gerade
Expofix Magnetic gerade
Expofix Magnetic gerade

Expofix Prestige

The only premium pop up display that you can connect together to showcase a DIY modular exhibition stand.

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Lieferzeit ca. 10-12 Arbeitstage

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Expo Prestige, also known as Prestige for short, is the only exhibition wall where you can construct a modular stand with individual straight and horizontal magnetic rods that are simply clicked into the system. The individual magnetic bars give you a high level of stability, the additional horizontal magnetic bars ensure a much better and more precise attachment of the graphic strips.


So Prestige is less intended for those who want to quickly have a trade fair wall as a background and graphic support.
Products like Expo Pop Up and Expofix Magnetic are better for this as they set up quicker and are a bit easier to use.


Prestige is therefore the optimal solution if you have exhibition stands of different sizes and shapes all year round or if you have different exhibition areas available for conferences or seminars – i.e. for all those who want to present themselves sometimes larger and sometimes smaller and remain absolutely modular want.


The modularity becomes even more individual through the use of different connectors. The connecting elements are available in different shapes, so that you can present yourself flexibly in practically any room. You can often use the existing graphic paths for this. In addition to the convenience, you also save on the budget. And don’t forget: by using this exhibition system for all your exhibitions, you will not generate unnecessary waste and contribute to a better environment.


Prestige is therefore a sustainable system in all areas!


How does the structure work?

The system, which is available in a straight or curved form, is a so-called pop-up system that you can simply unfold. By opening the system, it is often referred to as an „umbrella wall“ or „spider wall“; which is actually a bit reminiscent of it.


After simply opening the system, the horizontal and horizontal magnetic bars are attached. The graphic panels, which are magnetized all around and thus ensure optimal hold, are now easily attached to the system. Due to the magnetization, the graphic tracks are drawn directly into the correct position. So you don’t have to worry about fitting them correctly. Accuracy guaranteed!


The graphic strips (also magnetized) are attached to the magnetic bars by means of a concealed suspension (no slots, visible hooks or strips). Incidentally, these strong magnets ensure that your graphics are always positioned precisely and that text and images do not slip!


You will receive everything in a suitable trolley case, which you can also use as a „counter“ if you wish.


You don’t need more than 5 to 10 minutes to completely set up this high-quality exhibition wall!


Only the best panels for this premium pop up exhibition wall!

We produce the graphic panels for our Prestige system on lightproof Duraplan, which we finish with a scratch-resistant laminate. Optimal processing, which consists of 3 layers and promises a perfect, kink-resistant and scratch-resistant end result.


Another big advantage is that we laminate the graphic panels by not processing the 3 layers mentioned cold or warm, but hot. Because the higher the lamination temperature, the better the adhesion of the individual components.


The webs are cut under computer control and therefore fit together perfectly at the transitions.


With Prestige, you are choosing a premium quality pop-up display that you will enjoy for years to come.


The design of your exhibition wall

You send your print data (according to our print information) to us. After testing, we start production immediately.


Do you need support in creating graphic design and print data? Talk to us – our graphic designers will be happy to get in touch with you.


screen integration

You can integrate a screen weighing up to approx. 6 kg in the folding system. You can hang the monitor in the system without tools. For this we use a special screen mount. The screen is held in place through a small opening in the graphic track. The cables disappear behind the system.


Fire protection requirements

Organizers are making increasing demands on exhibition stand solutions. Our graphics are flame retardant and meet the fire protection standard B1. If the panels do get dirty after an event, you can simply clean them with a damp cloth.


Do you prefer a curved Expofix Magnetic wall?

Then take a look at   Expofix Magnetic curved  or its more compact version, the Expo Pop-Up.


All elements together ensure the best appearance at any location!


  • geringes Gewicht
  • Schneller und Werkzeugloser Aufbau
  • Magnetische Rahmenverriegelung für einfache Montage
  • Vollfarbdruck, veredelt auf lichtbeständigem Duraplan mit kratzfestem Laminat
  • Optional als Lightbox-Variante erhältlich
  • Optionale Integration von Bildschirmen bis zu 6 kg
  • 3-Schicht-Bahn für eine starke Druckbahn, dieses ist weniger anfällig für Knicke und Dellen
  • Klappbare Magnetschiene, nur 6 oder 7 Magnete müssen angebracht werden (je nach Ausführung)
  • Die Schiene kann mit Clips an der Oberseite der Magnetschiene aufgehängt werden, um die Anbringung zu erleichtern, eine saubere Oberfläche und ein durchgehendes Design zu gewährleisten
  • Kann modular zu einem kleinen Messestand erweitert werden
  • Serienmäßig mit Thekengehäuse und LED-Strahlern ausgestattet


Produkt Abmessung Gewicht Transport Aufbauzeit
Prestige 3x1c (f) 130(130)x238x40(30) cm (BxHxD) 24 kg Rollenkoffer (mit Theke-Option) 50x98x40cm (BxHxD) 12 minuten
Prestige 3x2c (f) 190(210)x238x50(30) cm (BxHxD) 27 kg Rollenkoffer (mit Theke-Option) 50x98x40cm (BxHxD) 14 minuten
Prestige 3x3c (f) 275(290)x238x60(30) cm (BxHxD) 34 kg Rollenkoffer (mit Theke-Option) 50x98x40cm (BxHxD) 16 minuten
Prestige 3x4c (f) 345(370)x238x70(30) cm (BxHxD) 39 kg Rollenkoffer (mit Theke-Option) 50x98x40cm (BxHxD) 18 minuten




Rahmen 3x1c 3x2c 3x3c 3x4c
Klapprahmen, 12 mm Aluminium-Rohre
3-teilige klappbare Magnetschienen
Druck auf (3-lagige) magnetisierte Grafikbahnen
LED Spots
Thekenkoffer mit Aufdruck und Deckel
Bildschirmintegration O O O O
Druck der Rückseite O O O O
Austauschbarer Druck O O O O
Lightbox O O O O

O = Optional erhältlich, fragen Sie uns nach den Möglichkeiten

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